MORE-Programme for refugees

The University of Salzburg has introduces a series of measures to give those entitled to asylum and asylum seekers access to university education. This is offered within the framework of the  MORE project of Universities Austria (UNIKO).

New: Due to the recent developments in the Ukraine war, the Language Centre is offering an additional MORE course for refugees at the beginning of April. 

MORE-Programme for Refugees

The MORE-Programme at the Language Centre

  • MORE-Students can participate in the regular course programme of the Language Centre.
  • Registration is possible for MORE-Students during the early registration period.
  • Please see the general information on registration and the current course program here.

In the course of the MORE program, we have also expanded the German as a second language section of the Language Centre’s media library. Our participants can find a variety of materials (textbooks, practice materials, reference books, … in printed and digital form) here.



The MORE-Programme at the PLUS

The MORE-Programme at the Language Centre is part of the MORE-Programme at the Paris-Lodron-University of Salzburg. For more Information on further courses within the framework of the MORE-Programme at the PLUS can be found here: More4Refugees



How can I register for the MORE-Programme at the PLUS?

At the Language Centre, MORE-participants can register for German courses.

Please note: In order to participate, you must register for the MORE programme at the PLUS. Assistance is provided by  MORE by Students, the program of the Austrian Student Union. 
If you also attend courses at the Language Centre in the following semesters, the Language Centre or the ÖH (Austrian Students Union) will help you with further registration.