The Literature Archive Salzburg is a research institute of the University, the Province and the City of Salzburg. The archive was opened in 2012 and collects and indexes the estates and bequests of authors with a connection to Salzburg and makes them accessible to scholarly research.

The collection includes complete and partial estates of authors, individual manuscripts, typescripts, letters, complete or partial libraries, pictures, photos, sound and image media, individual works as well as personal possessions. In addition, the Literature Archive Salzburg collects secondary literature by authors with a connection to Salzburg as well as records of literary life in the city and province of Salzburg. A substantial part of our collection was contributed by our partner, the  Adolf Haslinger Literature Foundation. The main aim of our work is to archive, preserve and index these materials to the highest scientific standards.

The Literature Archive Salzburg is a literary research institute specializing in the historical and current aspects of literary events in Salzburg. It goes without saying that our work takes into consideration the whole spectrum of national and international relationships that are relevant for the current and historical literary life in Salzburg.

In addition to its core tasks, the Literature Archive Salzburg also fulfills a cultural function in Salzburg with guided tours, lectures, exhibitions, workshops and other events. A particularly close cooperation exists with the  Rauris Literature Festival.
The Literature Archive Salzburg has close ties with the Department of German Studies at the University of Salzburg, the University Library and the Stefan Zweig Centre, and is internationally networked within the framework of  KOOP-LITERA (Competence Network for Bequests).
In addition, the Literature Archive acts as a scientific advisor and provides collegial help for local literary archives or other literary memorial centres.

The Literature Archive Salzburg is open to the public free of charge during opening hours (outside opening hours by appointment; see also the current Corona updates in the Opening Hours section). It is aimed at researchers in the fields of German studies, history, literature and cultural studies, but also at people from the fields of journalism, publishing and the media, as well as students and anyone who is interested in literature.