In the Literature Archive Salzburg (LAS), a research institute of the University, the Province and the City of Salzburg, all holdings of the Adolf Haslinger Literature Foundation are accessible to the public and to scholarly research. In the description of the individual estates, no explicit reference is made to the ownership status.
The collections of the individual authors are listed alphabetically. Their names are linked to the respective inventory lists.
Many (partial) estates and individual documents of the authors listed are part of the Adolf Haslinger Literature Foundation. As far as there are also own inventory lists of the Literature Archive for these authors, they are integrated there. In addition, they are – with a few exceptions – recorded on a separate inventory list of the AHL; the respective names are linked to it.
Further original documents of the listed authors are located in the archives of the Residenz Verlag; in these cases, too, there is a link to the corresponding page (Archiv Residenz Verlag), where the search can take place in the viewing list.
Certain particularly extensive collections of the LAS are also presented on their own thematic pages: the archive of the Rauris Literary Festival, the archive of the Residenz Verlag, the digitized radio works of Brita Steinwendtner, and the collection of Stefan Zweig.

Explanations of the collection description

Use of “recte” and italics: only titles that have been published are reproduced in italics, all others recte with quotation marks.
The awards, sponsorships and publishers listed are primarily related to the province of Salzburg.
In the section Weiterführende Literatur (Further Reading), preference was given to research contributions by the University of Salzburg (especially in the case of authors for whom there is an extensive secondary literature) or to publications specific to Salzburg, which is related, among other things, to the predominantly regional significance of a large part of the holdings.
SKL = Salzburger Kulturlexikon. Edited by Adolf Haslinger and Peter Mittermayr. Salzburg, Vienna: Residenz 2001 (1987).
SL = Salzburg Literatouren. Literary paths through the city and province of Salzburg. Ed. by Tomas Friedmann. Salzburg: Edition Eizenbergerhof 2001.
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