Bild Verlagsgebäude Residenz Verlag mit Team


Archive Residenz Verlag

The very extensive archive of the Residenz Verlag, which is of great importance for Austrian literature after 1945, has been in the Literature Archive Salzburg since 2012 and is being systematically indexed, catalogued, and made accessible to literary research.It primarily contains manuscripts and typescripts of works, galley proofs, correspondence, editorial opinions, first editions, as well as a comprehensive collection of reviews and photographs from the period from the founding of the publishing house in 1956 by Wolfgang Schaffler until around 2002, and is supplemented by the holdings of a partial estate of Jochen Jung (born 1942, editor from 1975 and managing director at Residenz from 1990 to 2000).
Since the 1960s, authors such as H.C. Artmann, Rudolf Bayr, Thomas Bernhard, Alois Brandstetter, Helmut Eisendle, Barbara Frischmuth, Gerhard Fritsch, Reinhard P. Gruber, Peter Handke, Peter Henisch, Franz Innerhofer, Gert Jonke, Diana Kempff, Alfred Kolleritsch, Florjan Lipuš, Andreas Okopenko, Peter Rosei, Julian Schutting, Peter Turrini, Gernot Wolfgruber, and many others. Partial collections (including manuscripts and correspondence) of these authors can be found in the publisher’s archive.

Publishing building Imbergstraße 9, Salzburg, with the publishing team, mid-1970s.
Photo: Residenz Verlag / LAS