Elliptic and parabolic obtacle problems with irregular obstacles

Principal investigator: Frank Duzaar, Verena Bögelein
Staff member: André Erhardt

The projekt was funded 2010-2014 by the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) at the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg.

Description of the project: On the one hand, the aim of the project is the development of a Calderón & Zygmund theory for solving elliptic and parabolic obstacle problems for partial differential operators in divergence form of p-Laplace type, and, on the other hand, the derivation of pointwise potential estimates of the solutions in terms of the obstacle. The objective is to achieve a proof of a classic Calderón & Zygmund estimate for the spatial gradients of the solution in terms of the integrability of the obstacle. More specifically, we want to show that the gradient is just as integrable as the obstacle function. In doing so, very low regularity requirements will be placed on the definitive vector field of the differential operators. Moreover, obstacle functions which do not necessarily diminish in time are also to be considered. Furthermore, potential estimates for the solution and their gradients in terms of a nonlinear Wolff potential of the obstacle function are to be deduced. The stationary as well as the non-stationary cases are to be considered here, whereupon the non-stationary case will likely be restricted to differential operators with linear growth.


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