SEMINAR SERIES ENVIRONMENT & BIODIVERSITY: Limitations of person detection dogs

Guest Lecture with Dr. Leopold Slotta-Bachmayr | Paris Lodron University of Salzburg | Department Environment & Biodiversity

Friday, June 2 2023 | 2 PM | Lecture Hall 414, NLW-Faculty | Hellbrunner Straße 34, 5020 Salzburg

Person detection dogs follow the individual scent of a person. This unique scentbouquet is formed by volatile components as well as particles of the human skin.There are a bunch of reports and stories about the ability of this dogs but only ahand full scientific studies about this topic. The main question is, about what timespan dogs are able to identify, find and follow human scent in an urbanenvironment. Therefore, we investigated together with the Austrian and Bavarianpolice the possibility of person tracking dogs to identify humans by aged scentsamples in the lab as well as in reality by laying trails along crossing with an agebetween one and 64 weeks. We also compared the efficiency of dogs traineddifferently to follow human tracks.

Host: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ulrike Gabriele Berninger

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