Winter semester

Enrollment for the following courses starts on September 06.

SE The Perception/Cognition Divide (Christopher Gauker)
Perception provides input to thinking. Perception goes beyond mere stimulation of the senses and is the product of a great deal of processing. And yet there seems to be some kind of sharp border between perception, inasmuch as the format of perceptual representations is different from the format of proposition-bearing thoughts. The question for this seminar is: What exactly is the difference between perceptual representation and thinking by means of proposition-bearing thoughts? Readings will primarily be papers by contemporary philosophers but will also include a few psychological studies.

SE Conventionalism (Julien Murzi)

SE Transformative experience (Silvana Pani)

UV Epistemology of the A Priori (Julien Murzi)
How we can acquire knowledge about the world around us seems clear enough: we do so by observing. But not all of our knowledge can be acquired this way. We seem to know, for instance, that all reptiles are are animals, that 5 is a prime number, and that slavery is morally abhorrent, and none of those facts seems like something we can come to know by observation. Our knowledge of them, then, must somehow be independent of experience. But is this sort of knowledge really possible? If so, how? What, if anything, explains our ability to get at the truth in these domains? In this course, students will investigate possible answers to these questions by examining historical and contemporary work on the nature of a priori knowledge.

SE Topics in the Philosophy of Logic (Matteo de Ceglie)

SE Advanced Seminar in Practical Philosophy (Leonhard Menges)
In this seminar we will discuss cutting edge research in practical philosophy broadly construed, including all kinds of ethics, political and social philosophy, philosophy of law, action theory, certain kinds of metaphysics, epistemology, and other philosophical sub-disciplines. It is ideally suited for MA students who plan to write their thesis in practical philosophy and for PhD students who are interested in these topics. We will discuss work in progress written by the participants, we will invite guests who present their current work, and we may read recent books or papers. We will also reflect on how to do practical philosophy or how to pursue a career in academic philosophy.

Summer semester

Enrollment for the following courses starts on February 10.

UV Judgement, Proposition, Predication (Johannes Brandl)

SE Between intention and action (Silvana Pani)

SE Why trust science? (Patricia Palacios)

SE Higher-Order Logics and their applications (Julien Murzi)

SE Ethics and the Environment (Shawn Wang)