Offers for students and graduates

Clarity about your steps towards starting your career or idea utilization

The PLUS Career & Startup Center is your first point of contact for all questions relating to your orientation before entering working life. Regardless of your studies at the PLUS. The subject you choose is the scientific tradition in which you acquire knowledge and skills. However, you do not define yourself in life by your subject alone, but as a person with strengths, interests and values.

At the PLUS Career & Startup Center you have the opportunity to develop your own personal blueprint for your professional career:

We accompany you

  • in the orientation for your career entry
  • in finding out your strengths, values ​​and interests
  • in finding your personal focus after graduation
  • in the development and support of ideas and projects
  • on your way to independence in your work life

Use our learning, exchange, networking and development formats.
They offer you the opportunity to exchange ideas with fellow students on an interdisciplinary basis within the framework of courses and workshops. At the same time, you are free to use our advice in an individual setting for your personal fine-tuning and the startup coaching to accompany the idea that you have always had in mind. If you would like to, use us as a sparring partner.

Our suggestion for your time at the PLUS:
Start giving yourself space for your ideas and visions as soon as possible during your study life. It is up to you to make the best possible use of your time at PLUS. We love working with the brave and curious of you!


We are personally here for you: Jakob-Haringer-Straße 6, 2. Stock.
The team, contact details and our respecitve responsibilities you can find here.
You can reach us also on our email .