ADDITIONAL STUDIES – proactive career management

A cooperation offer of the University of Salzburg, the University Mozarteum and Salzburg’s University of applied science (FH)

Due to a permanent development on the apprenticeship marked, the demand for future academics on the labour market has changed as well. The working life nowadays demands many different requirements; some of them are going far beyond ones professional qualifications. During your personal education as a student, you have to gain so called ‘key qualifications’.
The goal of the different Universities is the promotion of employability of all students and graduates. For the first time, they are given the opportunity to attend all the additional courses on every University that is involved in the program.

The interdisciplinary additional studies “proactive career management program” has two different modules – the basic- and the advanced module. To achieve these additional qualifications you have to successfully complete courses with an evaluation of not less than 24 ECTS points.  

Basic module (12 ECTS):
Courses of the fields “Personal efficiency and self-management” (evaluated with 12 ECTS)

  • Abilities for a structured self-reflection and self-assessment in your professional environment 
  • Judgement and optimization of your personal efficiency 
  • Use of possibilities and methods to handle your individual resources efficien
  • Development of body-oriented learning

Additional studies (24 ECTS)
If you successfully completed your basic module you can attend additional classes from the field of “communication & teamwork” (evaluated with 12 ECTS)

  • Efficient and target-oriented use of inter personal and intercultural communication strategies
  • Ability to find cooperative ways to solve a problem
  • Ability to plan and implement team projects 
  • Ability for efficient and effective team leading

These additional studies aim at students and graduates of the Paris-Lodron-University of Salzburg (PLUS), the Mozarteum University of Salzburg (MOZ) and Salzburg’s University of Applied Science (FHS).

COSTS The courses of the additional studies (Studienergänzung) involve fees, are target oriented and are charged according to the amount of ECTS-points you get:

  • Students: 20€ 
  • Members of the alumni-clubs: 20€
  • Graduates: 40€

You can only attend the course (Fixplatz) after you paid the required fee. After paying the fee you get a “Fixplatz” (can be checked via PLUSonline)

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