We offer you a consulting service tailored to your needs:
For orientation and alignment on your way into working life.
To prepare for your application needs
To sharpen and sparring your ideas during and after your studies
To explore the potential of your ideas & projects for the job market
For personal support on the way to implementing your ideas and projects

It is up to you how you start your working life. Possible is what you can imagine and what you want to implement. It is essential to be clear about your strengths, interests and skills. Deal with it before the end of your studies. Learn to realistically assess your practical and scientific skills. Our offer is free of charge for you.

For appointment requests, please contact the Career Center team at or under 0662-8044-2332!


Advice on starting a career:

  • Take time for the following questions:

Which values ​​are important to you?
How do these affect your career choice?
Which employers represent values ​​that are important to you?

  • Before you apply:

Talk to your future employer.
Use the internet to research the company.
Think about what you can do for the company and what prospects you expect.
The company should suit you or you should suit the company.

  • Unsolicited applications:

Are highly valued by companies, even if no specific position is advertised.
You should have a clear idea of ​​why you are approaching a company.
Put your values, expectations and ideas in a nutshell.

  • Stays abroad during and after your studies:

Offer the ideal opportunity to gain professional experience in a new environment. Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus – internships abroad for students and graduates.

  • Additional qualifications:

In addition to stays abroad, they are very popular with companies. Acquire these as part of your studies: Take advantage of the offers in the areas of gender studies, new media, rhetoric and foreign languages, for example.


Summarized offers from service and advisory facilities: