EUCHALLENGES is a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence (CoE) co-funded by the European Commission (grant agreement no. 101127539)

It sets forth to analyse challenges faced by the EU. Indeed, over the past 15 years, the EU has had to face numerous, varied crises and it may be expected tocontinue to be confronted to new crises in the future. Analyzing past and current crises will contribute to making the Union more resilient,promote our European way of life and foster an economy that works for people. With this objective, this CoE focuses specifically on issuesrelated to Economic and Monetary Integration, Migration and the Rule of Law, on which it will offer teaching, research and disseminationactivities.

These activities involve students from undergraduate and postgraduate levels as well as PhD students, focusingboth on European studies and other disciplines, which, so far, have hardly any contact with European Union studies. By organizingacademic events as well as events open to the general public (such as evening lectures), and in resorting to a variety of communicationchannels to advertise its findings (blogposts, newspaper articles, academic publications), this CoE  also fosters a debate with the general public as well as with relevant practitioners.  It contributes to our knowledge of EU crisis management in its three main focus areas (Economic and MonetaryIntegration, Migration and the Rule of Law) and beyond, as it also takes account of additional challenges that may arise during theimplementation of the project. It aims at proposing concrete (policy) solutions that train and enhance the resilience of the futuregeneration of citizens, stakeholders, policymakers and academics.