The Paris Lodron University of Salzburg

Paris Lodron University Salzburg PLUS is the largest educational institution in Salzburg with almost 18,000 students and around 3,000 employees in research, teaching and administration. The University is an integral part of both cultural and economic life, and is a meeting point for teachers and students, academia and the local community. The name of our university reflects its founding by Prince Archbishop Paris Lodron in 1622. Since its re-establishment in 1962, the University of Salzburg has become a modern and vibrant university.

Many of the University’s facilities are housed in some architecturally breath-taking buildings in Salzburg’s city centre. The Faculties in Freisaal and UNIPARK in Nonntal make up the modern university campus. Further locations include those in Itzling and Rif, as well as further afield in Linz, Krems and Vienna.

The University of Salzburg offers a wide spectrum of educational opportunities. The PLUS boasts 87 degree programmes. They are divided into Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD and diploma programmes. Students are free to choose their own focus areas and can add supplementary courses in various disciplines. In addition, the University of Salzburg offers numerous part-time University Programmes for Further Education, some of which are run together with other educational institutions.

Unipark Panorama


Research at the PLUS

The University of Salzburg has made great achievements in both basic and applied research, as seen in the increasing number of publications and third-party funded projects. Research is carried out in the University’s departments, focus areas and special institutions, as well as in the Christian Doppler Laboratory. Research-based teaching is one of the trademarks of the University, allowing students to be taught by researchers to support the next generation of scientists and scholars. Students can make the most of these engaging, scientifically anchored study opportunities which equips them with the professional competence and the best preparation needed for their future careers.

Laboratory work


Goals of the PLUS

The PLUS aims to provide its academics with excellent research conditions and international visibility through appropriate resources along with both internal and external networking. The University strives to provide its staff with ample opportunities to gain further qualifications and to get involved in the University’s development within its transparent change management processes. As the most important educational and research institution in the city and state of Salzburg, the University should continue to be both locally anchored and still meet the demands of internationalisation. Finally, the PLUS wants to take on urgent regional and global challenges in society, the economy and culture.

NaWI Fountain

Photos: © Luigi Caputo