The Rectorate of the PLUS

The Paris Lodron University Salzburg PLUS has a mission to firmly anchor itself as the most important educational and research institution in the region, and to strengthen its scientific, cultural and economic significance both nationally and internationally. The unwavering commitment to its profile as a widely diversified university will be strengthened through the successful development of its existing and also new, exciting study programmes.

The PLUS feels obliged to offer ways of solving and adapting to the major challenges facing society, and to be a driver of social development itself. This not only makes it possible to live competitively, but also with the utmost respect for sustainability principles and conflict management.

The Rectorate is responsible for the operational implementation of these goals.

In particular, the Rectorate is responsible for the operational management of the University and represents it externally (cf. § 22 UG 2002). The Rectorate is currently staffed on an interim basis and consists of the Executive Vice Rector Martin Weichbold. The Vice Rectors Jutta Horejs-Höck, Stefan Lang and Kristin De Troyer have also been supporting the Rectorate since January 2024. The duties of the Rectorate according to § 22 UG 2002 include

  • the preparation of an organisation plan and a development plan,
  • the preparation and negotiation of the service agreement,
  • the assignment of university staff to organisational units and the appointment of heads of organisational units,
  • the conclusion of target agreements with the heads of organisational units and the allocation of budgets
  • Budget allocation, preparation of the financial statement and the intellectual capital statement.

The distribution of agendas within the rectorate and the powers of representation are regulated by the rectorate’s rules of procedure.