The Rectorate of the PLUS

The Paris Lodron University Salzburg PLUS has a mission to firmly anchor itself as the most important educational and research institution in the region, and to strengthen its scientific, cultural and economic significance both nationally and internationally. The unwavering commitment to its profile as a widely diversified university will be strengthened through the successful development of its existing and also new, exciting study programmes.

The PLUS feels obliged to offer ways of solving and adapting to the major challenges facing society, and to be a driver of social development itself. This not only makes it possible to live competitively, but also with the utmost respect for sustainability principles and conflict management.

The Rectorate is responsible for the operational implementation of these goals.

Das Rektorat der PLUS

from left to right: Barbara Romauer (Vice Rector for Finance and Resources) I Martin Weichbold (Vice Rector for Academic Affairs) I Hendrik Lehnert (Rector) I Nicola Hüsing (Vice Rector for Research and Sustainability)

Rectorate members and assistants at a glance

Hendrik Lehnert’s focuses are international relations, personnel, communication, equal opportunities and strategic campus development. He strives to create research partnerships and to integrate PLUS more strongly in national and international networks. Hendrik Lehnert studied psychology and medicine in Münster before doing research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Medical School in Boston. From 2014 to 2017 he was President of the University of Lübeck and most recently Medical Director of the Schleswig-Holstein University Hospital at the University of Lübeck.

Nicola Hüsing is a Professor of Materials Chemistry and has assumed responsibility for the Vice Rectorate for “Research and Sustainability”. Hüsing was previously head of the Department of Chemistry and Physics of Materials. Her research interests concern the development of new synthetic routes to functional, hybrid materials. She is a member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the European Academy of Sciences.

Barbara Romauer has assumed responsibility for the University of Salzburg’s budgetary matters within the Vice Rectorate “Finance and Resources”. Romauer previously oversaw the finances of the Johannes Kepler University in Linz. She studied Business Administration, specialising in Accounting, Business Taxation and Auditing. She has held several professional positions in business, and currently holds several supervisory board mandates.

Martin Weichbold has taken office in the Vice Rectorate of “Academic Affairs”. He was previously Dean in the Faculty of Cultural and Social Sciences. Weichbold is also acting President of the Austrian Society for Sociology. His main area of interest, among others, includes comparative Empirical Social Research. For many years, he has gained extraordinary experience in teaching and academic coordination.

Photographs: © Kolarik (1) | © Kolarik (Rectorate members) I © Mathias Lixl (3) I © Scheinast (Assistents – except 3)