Vice Rector for International Affairs and Digitalisation

Vice Rector Assoc. Prof. Dr. Stefan LANG

Stefan Lang (born 1973 in neighbouring Berchtesgaden) is Associate Professor of Earth Observation at the Department of Geoinformatics of the Faculty of Digital and Analytical Sciences (DAS), where he has been Vice Dean since its founding in 2021. He is committed to the responsible use of digital technologies in research and teaching; in doing so, he critically promotes their contribution to university knowledge generation and communication in the context of global change. His specific responsibilities in the Vice-Rectorate include the interdisciplinary topics of internationalisation and digitalisation.

After graduating in geography with a specialisation in landscape ecology (1999), he began teaching and training activities internationally as part of a multi-year ADA project at the Catholic University in Beira, Mozambique, which were later continued in Asia. At the PLUS, he was active in setting up a research unit at the Centre for Geoinformatics (Z_GIS) from 2001, and has been heading this unit since his doctorate (2005). A deputy professorship took him to the TU Berlin in 2007, where he was also responsible for international research projects. In 2011/12, he spent a year at Harvard University, where he familiarised himself with the work of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, among other things.

Stefan Lang has worked as a coordinator of European and national research projects and supports cross-university curriculum development and Europe-wide skills development programmes. He is academic director of the EMJD “Copernicus Master in Digital Earth”. In the university alliance CIVIS, he coordinates the thematic hubs, the open labs and the cooperation with African partners. Since 2015, he has been regularly evaluating European projects and programmes and promoting intersectoral cooperation with non-university stakeholders.

Stefan Lang has headed the GEOHUM Christian Doppler Laboratory in partnership with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) since 2020, in which EO- and AI-based digital technologies are developed to support relief operations and logistics planning. His commitment to establishing the university spin-off Spatial Services GmbH was recognised by the European industry association EARSC. He is also involved as chairman of the cross-border institute Geoinformatik Plus e.V. and as a singer, musician and composer.


Vice Rector for International Affairs and Digitalisation

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Stefan Lang
Vice Rector for International Affairs and Digitalisation

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