The PLUS in numbers

The Paris Lodron University Salzburg (PLUS) is the largest educational institution in the province in Salzburg, with around 18,000 students and 2,900 employees, boasting a wealth of know-how within its six faculties, 34 departments, nine specialist centres and three Focus Areas. The broad spectrum of subjects on offer at the University of Salzburg ranges from theology to law, business and economics, natural and life sciences to digital and analytical sciences as well as cultural and social sciences. The secondary school teacher training programme has been a particular focus in recent years.

Students can choose from 89 diploma, Bachelor’s, Master’s or doctoral programmes; there is also an extensive lifelong learning offer, which includes numerous University Programmes for Further Education and the “Uni 55-PLUS” programme.

The complete statistics can be found on the German translation of this page.

Intellectual Capital Report

The intellectual capital report presents the university’s intellectual capital, achievements and output in a systematic and aggregated way. It is an essential instrument of university reporting and must be compiled and published in accordance with  § 13 para. 6 of the Universities Act (UG). It serves as the basis for the development plan and is an important factor in university policy strategic documents. The key figures of all universities can be publicly accessed via the   Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research’s higher education statistical information system (unidata) – pages in German. The content and structure of the intellectual capital report are regulated by the  Intellectual Capital Report Decree 2016 (WBV 2016) – only available in German.

Read the current Intellectual Capital Report here (in German)

Previous Intellectual Capital Reports can be found here (in German)

Key figures at a glance

The “Key figures at a glance” provide a compact overview of the University’s most important performance indicators.

The current folder “Key figures at a glance 2023” can be found here (in German)

You can find all issues of “Key figures at a glance” here (in German)