Guiding Principles of the PLUS

The PLUS is committed to the goals of an enlightened civil society: tolerance, environmental protection, accessible education for everyone, regardless of background. The University is devoted to delivering on these four guiding principles:

Guiding Principle

Art in Context

The PLUS is an integral part – both geographically and thematically speaking – of Salzburg, a hub for culture. It is in this context that we understand art as a form of action. Science and art comprise a holistic view of life that serves to guide our university.

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Guiding Principle

Digital Life

Digitalisation is an extremely broad theme that ties our faculties together. This involves artificial intelligence, decision-making or autonomous systems just as it does ethical duty and social acceptance or introducing more digital tools to the life sciences.

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Guiding Principle

Development & Sustainability

Development & Sustainability combines two important objectives that help us analyse which ideas, concepts and societal trends are sustainable, and which are not. With its interdisciplinary lectures, modules and discussion forums on social, ecological and economic topics, PLUS spotlights future perspectives for development and sensible long-term growth.

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Guiding Principle

Health & Mind

Health & Mind covers an exceptionally wide spectrum, not only physical and mental wellbeing but also social health, individual and societal welfare. As such, it is also an intensely transdisciplinary responsibility of the University.

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