Catholic Theology (Dr. theol.) 

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What will I learn?
Doctoral students in Catholic theology acquire detailed knowledge about scientific questions and research methods in their chosen field of specialization. Our doctoral students participate in an interdisciplinary discourse with the subjects of theology and other scientific disciplines. With their own original research, doctoral students contribute to the further development and learning of theological research.

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What makes Salzburg so special as a place to study?
Located in the centre of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, the Faculty of Catholic Theology at the University of Salzburg offers you an academic locus which meets the global challenges of modern life. With the ‘Fakultätsschwerpunkt’ “Theologie interkulturell und Studium der Religionen” (Intercultural Theology and Religious Studies) we focus on different cultural and religious contexts and examine the meaning of faith for the modern post-secular society. Our students’ contentment lies close to our faculty’s heart. Small courses, regular individual support and a personal atmosphere contribute to our doctoral students’ well-being. 

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Which career opportunities do I have?
Manifold occupations in the church and society: leading positions in ecclesiastical institutions, universities and adult education, academic/culture/human resource management, library work and publishing, media work, politics and political advice, environment protection and ethics advice, health care, interreligious dialogue, NGOs, etc.

Course Duration / ECTS: 6 semesters / 180 ECTS
University degree:
Doktor/Doktorin der Theologie (Dr. theol.)
Admission Requirements: In order to be admitted to the doctoral programme in Catholic Theology, applicants must hold a degree in Catholic Theology or a canonical licentiate in Catholic Theology.
Dates and Deadlines: 
– The dates and deadlines change every semester.
– The current deadlines and dates can be found here.
Departmental student representatives: 

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