WOLFGANG PFEIFFER – Masterarbeiten & Doktorarbeiten

Plant membrane biology and growth

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Wolfgang Kranewitter (Dr. Sc. 1997) The proton-pumping tonoplast pyrophosphatase of Chenopodium rubrum L.: Characterization, purification, cloning and heterologous expression
Christiane Häupl (M.Sc. 1998) Isoforms of the vacuolar pyrophosphatase of Chenopodium rubrum L.
Matthias Affenzeller (M.Sc. 1998) Molecularbiological investigations of the vacuolar pyrophosphatase of a heterotroph cell suspension culture from Chenopodium rubrum L.
Margit Leitner (M.Sc. 2003) Programmed cell death in Chenopodium rubrum L. suspension cultures
Sabine Brennsteiner (M.Sc. 2004) Physiological and biochemical investigations of maize root cells Zea mays root border cells”
Anchalee Chaidee (Dr. Sc. 2007) Heat shock and stress signalling by extracellular pH and phosphatise, and the actin organization in heterotrophy cells of Chenopodium rubrum L.
Chatchawal Wongchai (Dr. Sc. 2012) Chenopodium cell repellent and extracellular activities sensing salt and heat