Curriculum für das Masterstudium Ökologie und Evolution


Pflicht- und Wahlmodule sind im Rahmen des MA Ecology & Evolution zu absolvieren.


Master Evo_Eco Info May21 (German Version; you can find more information in English at

Curriculum für das Masterstudium Ecology & Evolution (official German Version)

Master Study program Ecology & Evolution (English version)


Ecology as well as Evolutionary biology in the wide sense are not only central fields in biology and earth sciences, they also deal with subjects of interests that are complex and that have often highly interdisciplinary facettes. The focus of complexity ranges from individual organisms over populations to whole ecosystems, zoology and botany are central disciplines on the one, physiology, deveopmental biology, genetics, population biology, biosystematics and biogeography on the other hand.
With the MA Ecology and Evolution you study a master programme that allows you to buid brigdes among ecology and evolutionary biology and that allows you to specialize in one or the other research area established at the PLUS.
Most courses are organised in ca. 4-week blocks in the lab and/or the field. All courses provide training in methodology, lab and field work skills, general scientic skills and last but not least diverse biological knowledge will guide you through the fascinating nature of biodiversty.

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