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Modul 1: Theoretical fundamentals in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


Theoretical Ecology

Evolutionary Theory, Biosystematics and Biogeography

Seminar: Biodiversity and Evolutionary Theory

Experimental Design & Advanced Statistics

Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Models

Modul 2: Evolutionary Biology and Biodiversity

Evolution and Biodiversity of Plants

Evolution and Biodiversity of Animals


Modul 3: Ecology

Experimental Ecology of Animals

Experimental and Chemical Plant Ecology

Elective Modul 1: Excursions, Field Interships

Ecology and Biodiversity of Temperate and Non-temperate Habitats

Elective Modul 2: Special Topics in Evolutionary Biology

Molecular Co-evolution

Applied Evolutionary Biology, Biotechnology

Evolutionary Developmental Biology and Morphology

Elective Modul 3: Special Topics in Ecology

Community Ecology

Applied Ecology, Conservation Biology, Environmental Analysis

Ecophysiology, Ecotoxicology

Behaviorial Ecology/Biology, Neurobiology


Elective Modul 4: Special Competences and Practice

Research Group Intership

External Intership, Summer School etc.

Lectures of other Disciplines complementary to the focus of the elective modules 2 & 3