RW ToskanatraktSub-library Toskanatrakt

Churfürststraße 1
5020 Salzburg
+43 662 8044 3018

Please note:

  • The Toskanatrakt location is open daily from Mon. – Fri. until 8 p.m. in each of the two weeks before exam week in February, April, June and September – see timely in the opening hours.


Anischt RW Firmian-Salm-Haus - © UBSSub-library Firmian-Salm-Haus

Kapitelgasse 5
+43 662 8044 3019
5020 Salzburg


In 1992, the sub-library Toskanatrakt and Firmian-Salm-Haus through the integration of the various institute libraries of the Faculty of Law. Both are publicly accessible open access libraries and contains approximately 390,000 print media. A large part of it can be borrowed. Encyclopaedias, reference works and all journals in printed form can be used in the library. The historical reading room (map gallery) is located in the Toskanatrakt

Main focus

Labour law – Corporate law – Public law – Public international law – European law – Private Law – Social and economic sciences – Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure –  Hayek Library – Kaser Library – Council of Europe, Depository Library of the United Nations – Historical Reading Room (Map Galleryguided tours)