Currently valid hygiene measures

We ask for strict compliance with the following measures:

  • FFP2 mask requirement applies throughout the library area (no mask obligation at the workplace).
  • Sufficient distance must be maintained in all areas of all locations of the University Library.
  • Access only with a 2,5G evidence, a valid Uni-Salzburg-Card (students) or valid library card.
  • Keep the length of stay in the library area as short as possible.
  • In order to enable consistent contact management in case of infection, a library basket must be borrowed for use of the open access areas at all locations and returned when leaving the library.
  • For use of the book scanners and Uniflow machines, please follow the disinfection instructions provided with the machines.
  • For hand disinfection, please use the disinfection stand in the entrance area or the disinfection dispensers in the area of the WC facilities.
  • The lift may only be used by one person. 

Published: 09.11.2021