Crossculture Religious Studies Project
Crossculture Religious Studies Project

How to Apply for the Crossculture Religious Studies Project

  1. Enrole with one of the participating Universities (e.g. Religious Studies in Salzburg). This is your base-university of the project.
  2. Join the open Crossculture Religious Studies Summer School.
  3. Study the first year (semester 1 and 2) at your base-university for the program.
  4. Study at any other participating university for semester 3 (and 4). Coordination with the academic supervisor of your base-university.
  5. Make use of shared supervision, field access and research possibilites with participating universities.
  6. Write your master-thesis at your base-university.
  7. Publish your research at the Crosscultureal Relgious Studies and Theology Journal.
You have to be enrolled in one of the participating universities and take the 1st year there in a Religious Studies course. After your 1st year you can decide at which of the other participating universities you want to study next – either for a semester or a year. The 4th and last semester you finish in a university of your choice (either the host-university of the 3rd semester or the one you had started in, or even a 3rd place). All classes are held in English, which is why your English level should be B2 or higher. For more detailed Information on the participation with the Universities in Haifa, Munich, Seoul, Nairobi or Yogyacarta, please referer the the following contacts:


to the participating Universities and Crossculture Religious Studies-Project Coordinaton: Haifa, Israel, Department of Jewish History and Thought

International Office and contact for the program: University of Haifa International School: 

Seoul, South Korea, Dongguk University

International Office and contact for the program: Sejin Kwon (Ms): 

Nairobi, Kenya: University of Nairobi

International Office and contact for the program: 

MunichGermany: Munich School of Philosophy

Academic programme: Prof. Dr. Barbara Schellhammer: . Dr. Stefan Einsiedel: International Office: Mr. Felix Beuing,  

Yogyakarta, Indonesia : The Center of Religious and Cross-cultural Studies (CRCS), Universitas Gadjah Mada

Academic programme: Dr. Samsul Maarif: International Office: Mr. David Akbar: 

Salzburg, Austria, Paris-Lodron-University Salzburg: Religious Studies and Crosscultur Religious Studies Project:

Academic programme: Prof. Dr. Martin Rötting: International Office: Mag. Benjamin Gauss: 

Crossculture Religious Studies Project: For inquiries and information about the programme in general: Prof. Dr. Martin Rötting, Director Religious Studies at the Paris-Lodron University Salzburg and Crossculture Religious Studies-Project Coordinator.