Summerschool 29.07.2024 – 02.08.2024

Religion, Violence and Peacebuilding

    at the Paris-Lodron University Salzburg.

In many places around the world, religions are once again being associated with violence. Religious ideas and ideologies play a direct or indirect role. At the same time, religions claim to bring peace. The SummerSchool examines the relationship between religion and violence and explores their potential for peacemaking. Experts from different specialist perspectives and religious backgrounds – such as Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Jainism and others – will offer a series of lectures. A peace-building workshop, the opportunity for student papers and plenty of space for intensive exchange also characterise the programme. A rich cultural programme rounds off the summer school. 


Conditions for attending our SummerSchool:

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Important notes:

Direction to the University of Salzburg?

Arrival at Salzburg main station:-> Take trolleybus line 1 to the stop “Herbert-von-Karajan-Platz“.-> On Herbert-von-Karajan-Platz turn northeast towards Universitätsplatz.-> Turn right onto Universitätsplatz– the university is on the right hand side.

Arrival Salzburg Airport-> Take trolleybus line 10 to the stop “Herbert von Karajan-Platz”.-> On Herbert-von-Karajan-Platz turn northeast towards Universitätsplatz.-> Turn right onto Universitätsplatz – the university is on the right hand side.

Arrival by carIf you want to drive to Salzburg with a car, you can use the following  link.

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Apply for a student paper:

All students are allowed to hand in papers. The papers have to focus on problems of crosscultural relations and give a concrete field example. This can include academical, methodical, hermeneutical, philosophical, theological, or other relevant perspectives. Please send an abstract with 150 words to Prof. Martin Rötting () till 01.05.2024.

Criteria to receive 3 ECTS:

In order to get 3 ECTS points you need to attend all lectures of the SummerSchool program, give a paper in the presentation slot and hand it in as an academic paper (10 pages, 12 New Times Roman, 1,5 space) to Prof. Martin Rötting ().

Contact and information:

Prof. Dr. Martin Rötting Mag.a Anna Magdalena Hoffmann MA