List of Master’s-Theses:


  • Pieslinger, Sarah:
    Religious Dialectics of Modernity: Religion between Individualization and Eventization. Santiago de Compostela as a religious event? A Religious Studies Analysis of the Significance of the Place of Pilgrimage for Pilgrims
  • Schauer, Norbert Christoph:
    Islamism and National Socialism in Comparison of Religious Studies
    In search of unambiguous worldviews in the past and present
  • Baur, Dietmar:
    Secular Spirituality
    An Investigation of Life Orientation and Meaning Fulfillment as Religious Studies Categories of an Alternative Understanding of Spirituality


  • Scharfetter, Sebastian
    The Weeping of Bishops
    Fr Bourdieu and Johannes Heinrich two contributions to the economics of religion
  • Dafner, Herta
    From the essence of individuation –
    development as a spiritual path of cognition


  • Katzian, Alexandra
    Meet and Greet with the magical world.
    Fan Pilgrimage and pop culture as new religious movement
  • Ottmann, Peter
    The novel “The Shack” (2008).
    A Novel and Critical Discourse Analysis of the Religious Narrative, Figures and Motifs
  • Mitsch, Heinz
    Churches and Religious Societies in Secular Austria
  • Mitterlechner, Oliver
    Forgotten Jewish communities.
    Regional manifestations of anti-Semitism among inhabitants of the Hallein district in the historical context of the 20th and 21st century
  • Ostertag, Christiane
    Alice Boner – Artwork to Cult Image.
    A Religious Studies Exploration on Authorship and Sadhana