Current Projects (Lead/Applicant)
1. ARGE Kulturelle Dynamiken (ÖFG) (Transdisciplinary Research Network, Austrian Research Association)
2. PLUS Kultur | Atelier Gespräche (In collaboration with cultural institutions – Third Mission)
3. CORE – THEATRE | OPERA | FESTIVAL (Digital Humanities)
4. SCIP (Cultural Sustainability by Integrating Production Materials)
5. Cultural Production Archives (OLH, London)
6. DSP Cultural Production Dynamics (Doctorate School PLUS Programme)
7. Wissenschaft und Kunst (Transdisciplinary Book Series, 2006-, Universitätsverlag Winter, Heidelberg)
8. Cultural Detritus (Transdisciplinary Research Group, with BOKU, University of Fine Arts Vienna, Technical University Istanbul, WWG)
9. Intercultural Communication (with Morocco) (Erasmus+ KA107)
10. SEAS (Salzburg Easter School)
11. Puppet Theatre Hub (Research Network)