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Master´s Degree Program in Medical Biology

Content and Overview of the Program

Medical Biology is considered a key scientific field and discipline to meet the global challenges of a demographic and environmental changes and associated diseases including cancer, allergy, autoimmunity, cardiovascular and infectious diseases, and degenerative processes.
A detailed understanding of the molecular, cellular and physiological processes underlying these diseases, the identification of prognostic and predictive biomarkers as well as the development and production of innovative drugs will pave the way towards novel and highly effective personalized treatments, prevention and precision medicine.
The Master´s degree program Medical Biology offers state-of-the-art education and training in the field of biomedicine and health at the interface of basic, translational and clinical research.

Qualification and relevance to labor market

Graduates of the Master´s program in Medical Biology will qualify to work in private and public companies and institutions in the area of health sciences and medicine, particularly in the following professional fields:

  • Research, development, production, analysis and distribution in pharmaceutical industry and biotech
  • Research and teaching in public research institutions and academia
  • R&D in health and medicine including clinical institutions
  • Cooperation in clinical studies
  • Quality management and control in pharmaceutical industry and biotech

More Information (available in German only):

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