Curriculum for the Master´s degree program Medical Biology

Overview of the Master´s degree program in Medical Biology

Curriculum Master´s program in Medical Biology
compulsory/elective Module Credits
compulsory Advanced Molecular and Structural Biology 6 ECTS
compulsory Advanced Cell Biology 6 ECTS
compulsory Computational Biology in Biomedicine 6 ECTS
compulsory Medical Physiology 6 ECTS
compulsory Anatomy and Histology 6 ECTS
compulsory Science Communication and Soft Skills 6 ECTS
compulsory Molecular Mechanisms in Cancer 6 ECTS
compulsory Nanomedicine and Nanobiology 6 ECTS
compulsory Regenerative Biology and Ageing 6 ECTS
compulsory Advanced Immunology and Allergology 6 ECTS
elective Research Labs I+II 12 ECTS
elective Elective Modules 12 ECTS
elective Free Subjects 6 ECTS
elective/chose a topic Master´s thesis and exam 30 ECTS
Total credit points 120 ECTS