Deformation and plastification mechanisms in multiaxially loaded textured magnesium alloy

The DMA project is an FWF-DMG funded DACH collaboration between Paris Lodron University of Salzburg and the University of Applied Sciences Landshut. The project is led by Dr. Lawrence Whitmore at the Department of Chemistry and Physics of Materials at PLUS, and who is mainly responsible for the microstructural analysis aspect of the study. At Landshut are professor Otto Huber and Mr. Anton Nischler who are responsible for the materials testing and test deisgn.

The aim of the project is to determine the relationship between microstructural deformation mechanisms and macroscopic yield and fatigue behaviour of textured magnesium (AZ31B alloy) subjected to complex multiaxial stress states through carefully designed and implemented mechanical tests and state-of-the-art microstructural analysis. It is hoped that it will enhance our understanding of magnesium and the capability of modelling current industrial magnesium alloys as well as newly developed magnesium alloys.

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