Dr. Hanna Maria Kreuzbauer

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Dr. Hanna Maria Kreuzbauer
Assistant Professor
Faculty of Law
Department of Legal Theory, International and European Law
Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy
Churfürststr. 1, A-5020 Salzburg

Phone: +43 662/8044-3554

Room: 125A

Consulting Hours
By agreement

About Hanna Maria Kreuzbauer
I was born in Salzburg and studied law, history and philosophy there. In 1996 I was awarded a doctorate in law and in 1997 a master’s degree in philosophy. I then did a postgraduate diploma in social science data analysis at the University of Essex (UK) in 1999/2000. Career-wise, I first completed the judicial year at the Salzburg Regional Court and then worked as a university assistant. The university assistantship was followed by a position as assistant professor for legal and social philosophy at the University of Salzburg.

Current Research Focuses
I work on the following research topics: Philosophy of law in general, theory and practice of legal argumentation and legal rhetoric, legal ethics and philosophy of science, scientific working techniques, ethics and business communication.

Current Courses

summer semester 2024

Publications, Lectures and Appearances