For questions or details on

– registering for/deregistering from the examination in Public International Law

– other administrative questions regarding these subjects

please contact the Examination Office Faculty Law.

Addtional Information for Erasmus-Students can be found here.

Diploma Examination in Public International Law

A SUBSEQUENT Registration for the Courses PUBLIC INTERNATIONAL LAW (PIL I and/or PIL II) just to get access to the documents at Blackboard is NOT POSSIBLE!!!

  • Registration for the written exam: via   PlusOnline

The examination dates are fixed by the Examination Division.

Please note: registration is only possible during the designated registration week. Subsequent registrations are not possible.

  • Literature exam preparation:
    • Andreas von ARNAULD, Völkerrecht, 5th edition, 2022.
    • Kirsten SCHMALENBACH, Casebook Internationales Recht (german/english), 2nd ed., 2014.
  • Treaty collection for the lecture (compulsory):
    • FlexLex (Facultas Verlag) Public International Law Documents, 2022.
      • NOTE: Only this collection may be used in the exam; all contracts and materials must be used in the original English!

The books are not a substitute for attending the course, as the lecture trains case-solving techniques that will be needed in the exam!

  • Tools in the exam

The following aids can be used in the written examination: English-language Treaty collection FlexLex (Publisher Facultas) Public International Law Documents, 2022.

Please note that in particular no own printouts are permitted.

These tools apply to face-to-face examinations!