At the University of Salzburg Canon Law belongs to the department of Practical Theology. It is in cooperation with all its theological branches. Moreover it is also networking with the branches Legal History and Church Law of the Faculty of Law as well as many other German-speaking and international canonical institutes, dicasteries of the Roman Curia as well as the Forschungszentrum für Grundfragen der Wissenschaft (research centre for quests of science) in Salzburg.
From the beginning Canon Law has a continuous tradition in teaching and research at the Paris-Lodron University. Many generations of students of theology and of law as well as many distinguished persons of the ecclesiastical public did receive a profound academic training and imprinting. Since Vatican Council II much emphasis has been put on interdisciplinary cooperation especially towards pastoral care as well as legal practice of jurisdiction, administration and legal advice.

Research foci:

  • History of Canon Law and its relevance for today       
  • The Sanctifying Office of the church and church as the provider of cultural diaconia      
  • The relationship between church and state, church and international order as well as church and culture       
  • The different procedures of the canonical (matrimonial) procedural law 
  • Ecclesiastical financial management in a global world

Aims and objectives of teaching and research:

  • Basic information about history, systematics and methodology of the science of canon law; moreover information on specific contents of the canonical universal and particular law 
  • Introduction to the coherence of canon law and pastoral care; introduction to legal practice on the different levels of church constitution 
  • Training of experts for the diverse ecclesiastical offices in judiciary, pastoral care and administration   
  • Editing canonical contents with a practical orientation for the students of theology for their future ecclesiastical spheres of activity       
  • Ongoing offers in the field of training for persons with ecclesiastical functions and offices 
  • Advice for persons seeking legal advice