Digital Learning Research Group

The Digital Learning Research Group at the University of Salzburg is dedicated to exploring various facets of digital (and analogous) learning in today’s educational landscape. Our research spans a wide range of topics, including

  • Digital Pedagogy: We investigate innovative teaching methods and strategies that leverage technology to enhance the learning experience. This includes the design and evaluation of online courses, blended learning environments, and the integration of digital tools in traditional classrooms.
  • Learning Analytics: Our group explores how data-driven insights can be used to improve learning outcomes. We examine the use of learning analytics to track student progress, identify at-risk learners, and personalize instruction.
  • Online Collaboration and Communication: We study the ways in which digital technologies can facilitate collaboration and communication among students and educators. This includes research on virtual classrooms, online discussion forums, and social media in education.
  • Digital Literacy: We investigate the development of digital literacy skills among students and educators. This involves examining how individuals acquire the necessary skills to navigate the digital world effectively and critically.
  • Assessment and Feedback: Our research explores innovative approaches to assessment and feedback in digital learning environments. We examine the use of automated assessment tools, peer assessment, and timely feedback to enhance the learning process.

Through our interdisciplinary research efforts, the Digital Learning Research Group aims to contribute valuable insights to the field of education and help shape the future of digital learning practices.