19 October 2023: “Civilized Cities or Social Credit? Overlap & Tension Between Governance Infrastructures in China”
Dr. Alexander TRAUTH-GOIK (University of Vienna)

3 November 2023:”tba”
Prof. ZHEN Chen (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

24 November 2023: “妈妈, I Miss You’: Emotional Multilingual Practices in Transnational Families
Prof. Xiao Lan CURDT-CHRISTIANSEN (University of Bath, UK)

15 December 2023: “Establishing Transdisciplinary Research and Reaching in Asian Studies: the Foundational Role of Languages and Linguistics”
Prof. Lorna CARSON (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)

January 2024: “Southeast Asian Cultures, Music and Performance, Gender Studies, Postcoloniality, or Hybridity Studies”
Prof. Sarah WEISS (University of Music and Performing Arts, Graz) 

Further information will follow shortly