Here you will find information on the following topics:

  • Extension
  • Cancellation/termination/shortening
  • Confirmation of stay
  • Recognition

All necessary Erasmus documents are provided under Downloads/Links.

Extension DURING the stay

Unfortunately, at the moment NO extension of existing stays is possible.

Withdrawal / Termination / Shortening

If you are forced to withdraw from your Erasmus+ stay before it starts, or (if you are already abroad) to end your Erasmus+ stay early, please inform AfIB PLUS via .

After the stay

After your stay, in order to receive the 2nd installment of the E+ grant, please submit the following documents to the International Relations Department (in person or by mail):

  • Traineeship certificate
  • Confirmation of stay
  • Application for recognition (page 2)-> except graduate internships

You can find all the necessary documents under Downloads/Links.

Confirmation of stay

Before your return you have to get a confirmation of stay signed by the employer for the whole period of your Erasmus+ stay. A template can be found here on this website in the download area. Attention: The confirmation of stay must have been signed at least 5 days before the end of your stay (according to the confirmation), otherwise it will not be accepted.

After the end of the stay you have to send the confirmation of stay to the International Office within four weeks.  The confirmation of stay is also accepted by email if it is sent directly from the host institution to the International Office. Otherwise, the original must be sent in person or by registered mail. Only then will you receive the second, final installment of your Erasmus+ grant. If your stay was shorter than originally stated, this will be deducted from the last installment on a daily basis.

If you do not submit the confirmation of stay, you will have to pay back the entire Erasmus+ grant!


Recognition as a compulsory or voluntary internship at the FB is required. In the case of voluntary internships: as a meaningful addition to your studies. For compulsory internships: Crediting of at least 3 ECTS/month of funding required

Submit signed application for recognition AFTER your stay at the International Relations Office. Deadlines for recognition: 2 months after return from abroad

If, through the fault of the student, recognition cannot be proven or cannot be proven to the required extent, all or part of the mobility grant may be reclaimed.

Recipients of study grants must also submit recognition documents to the scholarship office. Please observe the internal deadlines and guidelines of the Scholarship Office.

Please note that the payment of the 2nd installment of the Erasmus+ scholarship will only be made after the recognition notification and the confirmation of stay have been reviewed.

For recognitions at PLUS please follow the recognition guide here.


Privacy policy

Personal data are confidential and will be processed according to the respective federal laws only to the extent necessary for your application and participation in the Erasmus+ program.

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Kofinanziert von der Europäischen Union

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