Why Erasmus+?

  • Erasmus+ funds stays abroad for study/traineeship purposes of two to twelve months per study cycle (Bachelor, Master, PhD); For diploma students only: up to 24 months.
  • Students may combine several stays abroad per cycle as long as the total length does not exceed 12 months (or diploma 24 months) – regardless of type (study period, internships) and number of mobilities.

Target group


Requirements for applying for Erasmus+:

  • regular student status at the Paris Lodron University Salzburg (BA, MA, PhD, Diploma)
  • for BA students: at least in the 3rd semester of the relevant field of study at the time of application
  • MA students: from the 1st semester onwards, provided that relevant previous studies have been successfully completed.
  • Language skills (depending on place, at least B1)
  • personal quota of Erasmus+ mobility months not yet exhausted
  • You must not have completed your studies at the University of Salzburg during the Erasmus+ placement (exception: graduate internship – see below).
  • Creditable as a compulsory or voluntary internship at the department
    • for compulsory internships: Crediting of at least 3 ECTS/month of support required
  • Extent equivalent to full-time studies: full-time internship with 35-38.5 hours/week (incl. preparation and follow-up time for language assistants)
  • Important: Remember to continue to pay ÖH-fee, otherwise exmatriculation (EXCEPTION: graduate internships)
  • in case of mobility to the home country: proof of main or secondary residence in Austria obligatory

Graduate internship:

  • Possible for up to a maximum of 12 months AFTER graduation.
    • period is extended if students are obliged to do military or civilian service after completing their studies
  • counts towards the funding period of the previous study cycle
  • Application: while still studying
    • Deadline for submission: 8 weeks before graduation at the latest
  • Start only after completion of studies/exmatriculation from all studies

The detailed conditions (e.g. claw-back limit for the Erasmus+ grant) are part of the agreement. More information can be found under “Financial”.

Please also use the information provided by the National Agency Education Erasmus+ on the  OeAD website

Duration of stay

At each level (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate) Erasmus+ stays from 2 to a maximum of 12 months are possible, regardless of the type (study visit, traineeship) and number of mobilities. Diploma students can spend 2 to 24 months abroad with Erasmus+. The minimum duration of stay for a funded Erasmus+ stay is 60 days (= 2 months).

Erasmus+ funding is only possible within the available budget. If applicable, the Erasmus+ period of stay consists of a part with a financial grant and a part without a financial grant (zero grant funding). The specific duration of the financial support or the zero grant support is determined by the Paris Lodron University Salzburg (PLUS) for each academic year based on the Erasmus+ budget available to PLUS. For the academic year 2022/23, the financially supported period is at least 3 months.

Extensions are subject to review by the International Relations Department. For more information: see DURING/after stay.

In case of multiple stays within Erasmus+ programmes (Erasmus+ Study Visits, Erasmus+ Internships and Erasmus+ International Mobility), the personal quota of 12 months per study cycle (BA/MA/PhD) cannot be exceeded. For diploma studies there is a quota of 24 months.

Internship Placements

E+ traineeships are possible in all EU member states as well as Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Turkey, FYR Macedonia.

Eligible internships are:

  • at companies/institutions (also universities) that are active in the public or private sector.
  • at training or research institutions, NGOs, diplomatic representations of the home country, etc.

Internships are NOT eligible:

  • At EU institutions, EU agencies and EU bodies > See:  Institutions of the European Union
  • At institutions that run EU programmes (e.g. European Parliament, Erasmus+ National Agencies).

Job search:

  •  https://erasmusintern.org/
  •  EURES
  • Contact student associations (AIESEC, ELSA, IAESTE etc.)
  • Write specifically to companies/institutions
  • Advice & support from the University of Salzburg (partner networks, existing cooperations, Career Center)

Privacy policy

Personal data are confidential and will be processed according to the respective federal laws only to the extent necessary for your application and participation in the Erasmus+ program.

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Kofinanziert von der Europäischen Union

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