ERASMUS+ Staff Training Mobility (STT)

Employees of the University of Salzburg in research, teaching, and administration can complete further education stays at universities (HS)*, organizations of general and vocational education as well as companies on the labour market within the framework of Erasmus+. The institutions can be located in program countries (KA 131) or partner countries (KA 171). For institutions in partner countries, training mobility is eligible for funding if the University of Salzburg (PLUS) has concluded an Erasmus+ cooperation agreement (iia) with a corresponding higher education institution in the corresponding academic year, or has applied for and has budget available for the corresponding country.

*The higher education institution in the program country must have an Erasmus Charter of Higher Education (ECHE). However, an inter-institutional Erasmus agreement is not mandatory.

Definition of program countries: EU member states and the following associated third countries: Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, North Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey

Definition of partner countries: Third countries not associated with the program can participate in selected Erasmus+ actions.

Further details can be found in the  Erasmus+ Program Guide and on the  OeAD Erasmus+ website as well as on request in our department.

Stays in Switzerland and Great Britain currently cannot be funded with Eramus+ funds.

Target Group

Employees in research, teaching and administration with an active employment relationship with the university for the duration of the mobility.
Excluded are: lecturers, student assistants, emeritus/retired university professors and visiting scientists

Length of Stay

  • Activities in program countries: Two days to a maximum of two months (excluding travel time)
  • Activities in partner countries: Five days to a maximum of two months (excluding travel time)
  • A stay of 5 days (excluding travel time) is recommended.
  • Blended Mobility: A combination of virtual training from home with a short physical stay abroad, e.g. as part of so-called Blended Intensive Programs (BIP). Financial support is ONLY possible for the duration of the physical stay abroad.

Further Requirements

  • The content of the training is based on the activity of the employee in the respective organizational unit. The skills to be acquired lead to obvious enrichment when carrying out the current job(s), both personally and institutionally.
  • Confirmation of acceptance and detailed description of the project via Mobility Agreement (download under Forms)

Submission Deadlines

Submission is currently still possible. We ask that you announce the project as early as possible. Changes to the award procedure will be announced here in due course.

Eligible Costs

  • Travel and accommodation costs are supported, taking into account the principle of cost-effectiveness and the travel guidelines of the University of Salzburg.
  • Participants with special needs can apply for special grants from EU funds, so-called “inclusion support”. The inclusion support also enables a preparatory visit and supports the additional costs necessary for this.
  • Higher travel subsidies possible if environmentally friendly travel means “green travel” are used. This includes: train, bus & car sharing
  • In the case of environmentally friendly means of travel longer travel durations can also be taken into account.
  • A declaration of honor and a corresponding ticket (including proof of payment) serve as proof of environmentally friendly travel.
  • You are entitled to “green travel” if at least half of the route is covered using a lower-emission means of transport (see above). No course costs can be reimbursed from Erasmus funds. Employees in administration can, if necessary, submit a request to HR Personnel Development to cover costs for external training:  LINK.

Additional Information