Selecting courses and placement test

It is important to us that our language courses are motivating and not frustrating for you. The course should match your language level as far as possible. We will help you to find the course that is most suitable for you.

A placement test is not necessary if:

  • you are an absolute beginner.
  • you have successfully completed a previous course with us or at another university/college. Please have your course certificate available for the consultation/registration. 
  • you have taken a placement test with us in the last two years. Please let us know the semester, the language and the approximate level.
  • you have an official language certificate (ÖSD, ÖIF, IELTS, telc, DELF, …) or the result of the OLAT test. Please have it available for the consultation/registration. 

A placement test is necessary (DIALANG (A1-C2)):

This free online placement test was developed by several European universities and is based on the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Please use this placement test for the languages English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Swedish.

  1. go to the homepage:  DIALANG
  2. click the arrow icon.
  3. select “Notes in English” or another language and click OK
  4. read the information about the test on the next three pages.
    • Do the test on your own.
    • The parts of the test (listening, writing, reading, grammar and vocabulary) can be taken in any order.
    • The audios can only be heard once.
    • The first step is to determine your vocabulary knowledge (this step could be skipped). Based on this first step, the level of the further tasks is adjusted.
    • Filling out the self-assessment questionnaires is optional, but we recommend it.
  5. plan 1-2 hours for the full test.

IMPORTANT: The results are NOT summarized in a document. So be sure to save a screenshot of your partial test results or to write them down. Please have the result available as a screenshot or printout for the consultation/registration.


In order to help you with the course selection, we offer a free consultation or placement interview on the date of registration.