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The Moving Mountain

is a transdisciplinary research project between the PLUS, Uni Graz and the UNESCO on mass movements in mountain ranges, such as those that occur during rockfalls. Univ.-Prof. Andreas Schröder is representing the department of mathematics. Landslide deposits represent special ecosystems and can form reservoirs for drinking water. Positive effects of the climate change therefore become visible in a unique way.

Published on 15 December 2022
Nicole Vorderobermeier

“Award of Excellence” of the BMBWF will be received by an alumni of the mathematics department

Nicole Vorderobermeier will be honored with the “Award of Excellence” for the year 2022 of the federal ministry of education, science and research. Only the top 40 doctoral theses nationwide in Austria are awarded with this price. We send our congratulations to Ms. Vorderobermeier for this outstanding achievement!

Published on 11 November 2022
Cornelia Haslinger

From teaching at the PLUS to a school building project in Nicaragua!

Cornelia Haslinger, is an external lecturer on the mathematics department of the PLUS. She recently founded a sculpture school in Nicaragua. The school is fully dependend on donations, which makes great effort necessary.

Published on 13 October 2022