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MAJA – Mathematical algorithms analyzed for everyone


We have become accustomed to being surrounded by mathematical algorithms (MA) in our high-tech world as well as in science and technology. They form the basis for internet searches, data visualizations and encryptions, as well as complex computer simulations and analysis, even though their ubiquitous presence is far from being obvious to everyone. For example, efficient algorithms allow us to have access to data from the internet at any time and from anywhere and to enjoy the computer graphics in 3D movies.

MAJA extends the focus of experimenting with MAs to include aspects of mathematical analysis. The project content and research findings will be disseminated using a range of contemporary media to appeal to pupils and the public. MAJA’s long term goal is the didactical and sustainable process of MAs for education in schools by experimentation and analysis and thus also in the development of an adequate and contemporary impression of mathematics as a science for school children.

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Two topics of research in mathematics, focusing on recursive and adaptive algorithms, define the specialist research agendas. Both topics are prime examples for a wide class of MAs. They can be used to explain the important principles, which will enable a broad and reflective discussion about the operating principles and limits. This is where the MAJA project relies on collaboration with school children. Their unbiased view and new creative ideas could help MAs to be perceived as an essential component of our modern digital age. Coupled with this is the accompanying survey and evaluation of the mathematical world views of the participating school children, the results of which will form the didactical research content of the project. The introduction of cooperation with partner schools will be an optional module that is supplemented by one-on-one meetings, the (co)supervision of final papers, and the possibility to participate in yearly workshops and public events.

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