Instructions for Authors

The Austrian Journal of Public Law (ZöR) welcomes the submission of articles (including essays, case-notes and comments), which focus on comparative or theoretical questions, or on Austrian, European or international legal developments. The ZöR publishes articles in both English and German. Manuscripts may be submitted all year round.

In order for a submission to be accepted by the ZöR its content must be original, unpublished and not have been submitted for publication elsewhere. Authors intending to republish articles, or to use previously published material as part of an article (including translations), must indicate this intention at the time of accepting an invitation to publish or, in the case of unsolicited articles, at the time of submission.

Authors must submit their text as a Microsoft Word file and we strongly encourage the use of our MS Word style sheet for contributions. All submitted texts must be written in German or in British English. Texts must be saved in a simple format, i.e. without automatic hyphenation, automatic numbering of section headings, and no activated hyperlinks or other macros. Further notes on design and citation can also be found in our style guide.

Any and all information relied upon from other works, both published and unpublished, must be cited in footnotes. By submitting a work to the ZöR, the author guarantees that he or she is solely responsible for the content of the text and citations.

Unsolicited manuscripts should be submitted fully anonymised by eliminating any reference to the author’s name or other elements that might enable the reviewer to immediately recognise the author. The review of an article usually takes 3-4 weeks, but we reserve the right to review texts for as long as necessary to reach a publication decision.
Authors not writing in their native language should ensure that their final draft has been carefully reviewed by a native speaker. We also warmly welcome book reviews. We strongly encourage the use of our MS Word style sheet for book reviews.

Please submit your manuscripts to