Welcome to the University of Salzburg

The Welcome Center of the University of Salzburg supports newly appointed academic staff (scientific staff, postdocs, newly appointed professors) as well as international guest scientists of the university and their families in planning, preparing for and facilitating their stay at the University of Salzburg.

Further information


The Welcome Center does not work with international students:
Exchange students (Erasmus, Joint Study, etc.) and other scholarship holders: Please contact the International Relations Office.
International students who want to earn a degree at the University of Salzburg and guest students: Please contact the Admissions Office.

Handbook “Your new life in Salzburg:”  Expat-Guide-EN-20213


Useful brochures:
>  Researcher’s Guide to Austria

>  Guide for Taxation of Income of Researchers in Austria


Bild Stadtansicht Salzburg

Foto: Tourismus Salzburg