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Studies of Sociology

  • The registration status for courses with continuous assessment (fixed place: waiting list) in PLUSonline should be ignored: The participants are selected according to the criteria of the “Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Sociology” study plans! (Compulsory attendance at the 1st meeting – allocation of places).
  • Registration for courses is only possible for first-year students after the ÖH fee (or tuition fee, if applicable) has been received.
  • It is recommended that you also register for lectures without obligation in addition to the courses with continuous assessment (PS, SE, KO, VK).

Recognition of exams via PLUSonline

Legal basis: § 78 Universities Act Procedure:

  • Complete the application in PLUSonline (see guide below).
  • The director of the curricular committee also provides support.
  • Print out the complete application (give your cell phone number!) and submit it with copies of the certificates of the completed examinations to the director of the curriculum committee.

The director of the curricular committee reviews the application and sends it, together with a recommendation for recognition, to the Office of the Rectorate – Legal Affairs, where a corresponding notice of recognition is issued. The notification must be picked up in person at the Office of the Rectorate – Legal Affairs. 
Recognition of examinations – guidelines for students (German)

Forms and more

On the website of the Examination Office of the Faculty of Social Sciences you will find information on examination passes, registering master theses, guidelines for printing theses, information on completing your studies and much more.