Studies in General

Studying and researching at the PLUS – the best preparation for a successful start in the world of study

The Matura is just around the corner and you will soon be registering at the university. Have you already decided between classic studies such as law, medicine or teaching? Or is there perhaps more than just these three courses? By when do you have to register and how does it work? We will work out this and much more with you in individual workshops at the Paris Lodron University in Salzburg. In small groups you will research all the information about the course of your choice with the team from the high school graduate advisory service. If you still have questions, just ask them. More Infos under (German). 

International students who are seeking a degree from the University of Salzburg can receive the relevant informations from the PLUS Office of Admissions –  contact form.

The Bachelor’s Program in Sociology

The BA degree in sociology conveys basic problems, topics and basic concepts, as well as the history of sociology. Our focus is on cultural sociology and sociological theory, social structure and methods, social change and special sociologies.

The Bachelor’s Program comprises 6 semesters of study and requires 180 ECTS credits for completion – one ECTS credit equals 25 hours of academic work.

The Master’s Program

The Master’s Program in Sociology comprises 120 ECTS credits and requires 4 semesters of study. In the Master’s program, the following specializations can be chosen:

  1. Cultures of modernity, private lifestyles and sociological theory
  2. Social change and social mobilities
  3. Social inequality, work society, family, intergenerational relations
  4. Methods of empirical social research

The Doctoral (PhD) Program

For details about the admissions criteria and the program please refer to the link to the PLUS PhD Program (English).

Studies in Sociology

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Master’s Degree
Bachelor’s Degree
  • 6Semester
  • BSScAcademic degree
  • 180ECTS
  • BAStudy
Sociology is the science of how people live together in society. Sociologists deal with human actions and behavior, with the relationships between individuals and their social positions. Its focus is on the structures and processes of society as a whole as well as on the individual social sub-areas such as classes, institutions, organizations or groups. Equally, sociology is interested in the processes of social change. The aim of sociological analysis is to understand patterns and regularities of behavior, values and norms and to explain their origin. The specific competence of sociology is to analyze complex social objects in a theory-driven manner and with the help of adequate methods and research techniques in order to provide a basis for dealing with concrete social problems.
Master’s Degree
  • 4Semester
  • MSScAcademic degree
  • 120ECTS
  • MAStudy
The Master’s program builds on the basic knowledge acquired in the Bachelor’s program, but is much more focused on scientific research. In addition to deepening in sociological theories and methods of empirical social research, particular value is placed on the ability to critically evaluate sociological concepts and to apply the skills acquired in selected areas of specialization. Students of the Master’s program should be enabled to independently design, organize and carry out sociological studies, and to create sociological expertise.
  • Semester
  • Academic degree
  • ECTS
  • Study
  • Semester
  • Academic degree
  • ECTS
  • Study