Ongoing Projects

Normative Contestation in Educational Systems: A comparative examination of Migrant Education in Balkan Route Countries

The project focuses on six Balkan route countries (Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Bosnia and Herzegovina) in order to inform how norm contestation around schooling migrants has played out and in which ways national governments, international organizations, and civil society actors have attempted to address the need for adequate, inclusive migrant education.   People: Dženeta Karabegović and Jasmin Hasić (Sarajevo School for Science and Technology)   Funding: The Spencer Foundation Duration: 2020 – 2022

“Music, Migration and Mobility: The Legacy of Migrant Musicians from Nazi-Europe in Britain”

People: Norbert Meyn (Royal College of Music, London), Peter Adey (Royal Holloway University, London), Nils Grosch (MML PLUS)
Funding: Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK
Duration: September 2019-August 2022

“Music and Migration: Handbook for Theories and Methodologies“

People: Wolfgang Gratzer, Nils Grosch, Ulrike Praeger, Susanne Scheiblhofer
Funding: PLUS, University of Mozarteum, Land Salzburg
Duration: January 2018-December 2020

International Research Collaboration on Gender, Youth and Mobilities
This project aims to explore the possibility for establishing a solid, interdisciplinary research collaboration on young adulthood from an integrative perspective of gender and mobilities, with the aim of identifying internationally viable research themes. Our proposal involves five social scientists from Sociology, Educational Science and Communication Studies based at the PLUS and Hong Kong. Given our general common interest in gender, youth, and spatial and social mobilities, we aim to tease out a research agenda pertinent to the issue of (1) ‘marriageability’, (2) prolonged co-residence with parents, and (3) the ‘employability’ of former international students who have returned to China/Austria. Based on this, we will map the state of the art, which will serve as a sound basis for prospective research projects in China and Austria, strengthening and widening the existing international and interdisciplinary collaboration between the two universities. The activities during the EPU project phase will enable the partners to connect, exchange on these selected themes and develop a coherent, internationally competitive research program.
People: Kyoko Shinozaki and Eberhard Raithelhuber (MML) and Karen A. Joe (University of Hong Kong)
Duration: May 2019- June 2020