Research areas

As a Department, we are committed to theoretically strong, empirically oriented research. All faculty is active in research and maintain strong publication records. Also, the Sociology department is an integral part of a larger social science research base at Salzburg University with multiple forms of cross-departmental and interdisciplinary collaboration. We have a number of research priorities which provide a flexible framework for our research activity while at the same time allowing individual researchers the scope to pursue their own interests. The research activity of the Department is currently organized into four cluster. Traditionally, the Department of Sociology strongly emphasizes the Sociology of Culture in a broad sense. More recently, the research focus has got differentiated with currently four areas of specialization. In each of these areas we have several members of the faculty body developing research projects and contributing to teaching and curricula. Find details of the individual research and teaching agendas by the People pages.

  • Cultures of Modernity, private forms of life and Theory
  • Inequalities, labor societies, family and generations
  • Mobility and social change
  • Methods of empirical social research