Cluster 2: Rights and Societal Inclusion

As “integration” is mostly interpreted in a flexible, ideologically subversive and imprecise way – at least in the political and public discourse – we use the term “societal inclusion” to explore the various challenges immigrants are confronted with. Societal inclusion means structural embeddednessin society and the access to civic rights, participation, and involvement as well as emotional recognition (through functioning relationships).
This MML cluster focuses on topics including, but not limited to:

  • Citizenship and statelessness.
  • Access to social support structures, social security, and rights.
  • Visual representations of refugees in media, artistic representations, and public discourse and its impacts on shaping the host society’s views and narratives.
  • (Moral) rights and duties of children and adult refugees before, during, and after their flight.
  • Social resilience and other strategies among migrant groups and their descendants exposed to discrimination.