Doctoral programs mainly serve to further develop the ability to conduct scientific research and last 6 semesters. The admission requirement is a master’s, diploma or teaching degree. The doctorate’s program is completed with the degree “Doktor/Doktorin”. As part of the program, a dissertation (scientific thesis) has to be completed, which then has to be defended during the “rigorosum” (final examination).

You can find more information about the structured doctoral education on the website of the Doctorate School PLUS.

Doctoral programmes

ProgrammesUniversity DegreeCourse Duration
Catholic TheologyDr. theol.6
Business and EconomicsDr. rer. oec.6
Natural Sciences at the Faculty of Natural SciencesDr. rer. nat.6
Philosophy at the Faculty of Catholic TheologyDr. phil. fac. theol.6
Philosophy at the Faculty of Cultural and Social SciencesDr. phil.6
Philosophy at the Faculty of Natural SciencesDr. phil.6
LawDr. iur.6
Religious StudiesDr. phil.6
Teacher Training Dr. rer. nat. or Dr. phil. 6
Technical SciencesDr. techn.6