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Course Duration / ECTS4 semesters / 120 ECTS
University degree Master of Arts (MA)
Faculty Faculty of Cultural and Social Sciences
Department Interdisciplinary course; associated departments:
English and American Studies, German Studies,
Linguistics, Romance Studies, Slavonic Studies
ModeFull time
Study IDD 066 597
Admission Requirements In order to be admitted to the Master’s degree course
in Romance Language Sciences, students must hold a
Bachelor’s degree in a related field (Romance Studies
or Linguistics with a specialization in Romance languages)
from another accredited inland or international institution
of higher education.
Language of instruction German  Proof of language proficiency

What will I learn?

In the MA degree course in Romance Language Sciences, students intensify their basic knowledge of (Romance) linguistics acquired during their BA degree course in two Romance languages (students can choose between French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish). Students learn about the subject areas, theories and methodologies of Romance language sciences, which, at the same time, prepares them for a PhD degree course. The extensive course offer of the linguistic and philological departments at the University of Salzburg allows students to specialize in all relevant fields of linguistics: phonetics/phonology, morphology/word formation, syntax, (variational) sociolinguistics, textlinguistics and pragmalinguistics, etc. Moreover, students develop their intercultural competences and hone their language skills in their chosen Romance languages.

Which career opportunities do I have?

Graduates of the MA degree course in Romance Language Sciences are able to choose from a wide range of occupations: academic research and teaching, adult education in the fields of foreign languages, academic library work and publishing (e.g., expert editing, acceptance, programming); language and culture mediation; translation in the media/advertising industry and PR (economy, tourism, international organisations).

Why Salzburg?

The Paris Lodron University is a medium-sized university with an excellent student-to-staff ratio, especially in philological/linguistic subjects. The interdisciplinary cooperation of lecturers supports the quality of the linguistic teaching in a special way.

How is the course structured?

Language Sciences Romance Studies MA
Interdisciplinary modules24 ECTS
Specialization module Romance Studies54 ECTS
Optional subjects12 ECTS
Master’s thesis24 ECTS
Master’s examination6 ECTS
Total120 ECTS


Rebecca Herda, MA

Rebecca Herda, MA
Department of Slavonic Studies

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