Course Duration / ECTS8 semesters / 240 ECTS
University degreeBachelor of Education (BEd)
FacultyFaculty of Cultural and Social Sciences
DepartmentRomance Studies
ModeFull time
Study ID409
Admission RequirementsIn order to be admitted to the teacher training programme for the subject of French, applicants must hold the ‘Matura’ or another higher education entrance qualification, and successfully pass the acceptance process which assesses students’ aptitude for teaching at schools.
Language of instruction German  Proof of language proficiency

What will I learn?

In the BEd degree teacher training programme for the subject of French, students deal with the French language, literature and the cultural aspects of the French speech area. Students hone their language skills, including listening, reading, oral and writing skills. They will be qualified to analyse the development and current functioning of French and to adequately examine literary periods, currents, genres, authors and works. Furthermore, students will acquire a profound and differentiated knowledge of the cultural aspects of French linguistic areas. With teaching practices and by trying out teaching materials, courses in teaching methodology prepare students for their future career in the best possible way.

Which career opportunities do I have?

The primary aim of the teacher training programme is the professional, didactical, academical and pedagogical-practical training for teaching French in secondary schools.

Why Salzburg?

The Department of Romance Studies at the University of Salzburg offers students an excellent student-to-staff ratio. Native speakers allow students an authentic access to the French language and cultural areas. Moreover, studying French in Salzburg is particularly attractive due to the department’s large number of Erasmus partnerships (with Bordeaux, Dijon, Montpellier and Paris, amongst others).

How is the course structured?

Teacher Training Programme French
Basics of the Teacher Training Programme13 ECTS
Basic Course Language Acquisition10 ECTS
Advanced Course Language Acquisition8 ECTS
Advanced Course Linguistics8 ECTS
Advanced Course Literary Studies8 ECTS
Basics of Teaching Methodology (‘Fachdidaktik’)8 ECTS
Networking Module: Interculturality Research and ‘Fachdidaktik’
with Teaching Practice
Specialization Course Linguistics7 ECTS
Specialization Course Literary Studies7 ECTS
Networking Module: Language Acquisition Research
and ‘Fachdidaktik’ with Teaching Practice
Specialization Course Language Acquisition6 ECTS
Bachelor’s thesis3 ECTS
Bachelor’s examination3 ECTS
2nd subject97 ECTS
Optional subjects6 ECTS
General Basics of Educational Sciences 40 ECTS
Total240 ECTS


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Ao.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Susanne Winter
Head of the curriculum committee Romance Studies

Erzabt-Klotz-Straße 1/III, 5020 Salzburg

Tel.: +43 662 8044-4467